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Welcome to X-L Transportation

X-L Transportation focuses on cost-effective and fast freight movement, creating an environment for sustainable and profitable growth. This focus is allowing X-L to take the forefront on efficient fright movement in North America.

Our team of professionals are constantly focused on moral and ethical responsibility and our fleet of tested and well-maintained vehicles helps to ensure minimum preventable delays.

24 Hour Tracking

Using modern tracking from Fleet Complete, our team keeps internet-assisted Global Positioning contact with vehicles at all times. This allows X-L Transportation total control over the movement of company assets.


X-L Transportation has access to all four corners of North America, with fluid cross border transportation. With transloading yards available, X-L can handle Canada to Mexico services with or without transloading.

In addition to specialized escort services, we can arrange for pilot cars and permits.

Services we offer include:

  • 24 hour support
  • 24 hour tracking
  • Fluid cross border transportation
  • Transport anywhere in North America
  • Door to door Canada to Mexico without transloading.